Rental Policies

CANCELLATION POLICY Non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm the reservation, and the final payment with refundable damage deposit is due 45 days prior to your arrival. We suggest Travel Insurance.

SECURITY DEPOSITS Forty-five (45) days prior to the first day of the lease term a security deposit of $(amt. depends on house) USD will be paid to Agent by Tenant. The security deposit is not to be construed as rent and will be returned to the Tenant upon compliance with the following conditions: no long distance phone calls, local calls over the 100 free ones, payment of all rent due, the Premises left in a clean, habitable condition, the return of all keys, and removal of abandoned articles. Deductions from the deposit shall be made for any damage done to the property (normal wear and tear excepted) including scratches, burns, stains, holes in walls, as well as damage to personal property. Also there will be a $10.00 USD charge for each key not returned. If the house does not have special tipping instructions please go by the following tip procedures: Party of 2 will tip each household staff member $160.00 pesos per week, if you are particularly pleased with the staff's level of service. Please tip with Mexican currency only.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE Tenant accepts the Premises in their present condition and agrees to take good care of the Premises and not to make any alterations, additions, repairs, or improvements and/or remove any of Owner's personal property from the Premises, without the prior approval of Agent (even in the event that any portion of the Premises or Owner's personal property is out of repair) and to promptly reimburse Agent for any damage to the Premises or to owner's personal property caused by the negligence, misuse, or any other occurrence attributable to Tenant, family or guests. Any damage caused by the removal of the Tenant's personal property shall be repaired and paid for by the tenant immediately upon demand therefore by Agent. Tenant shall pay reasonable attorney's fees and court costs, if any, incurred by the Agent in enforcing this contract in court or otherwise, in addition to the amounts otherwise payable under this paragraph. Unless otherwise mentioned herein, all electricity used in or about the Premises shall be for the account of owner and paid for by Agent. The Residence Owner will provide cleaning supplies upon arrival after that tenant is responsible for purchase them. Owner will supply full tank(s) of propane gas for cooking, gas space heaters, gas fireplaces and water heater(s). Additional gas usage beyond initial tank(s) will be for account of the Renter. Gas for swimming pool and/or Jacuzzi will be at the tenant expense. . All cellular, long distance telephone calls and calls over 100 calls per month shall be paid by Tenant. The salary of any maids, gardeners, or other servants employed, by Owner to maintain the Premises shall be for the account of Owner and paid by Agent. Overtime hours worked by each household staff member, shall be charged to the account of the Tenant at the rate of $50.00 pesos per hour. Work performed on Sundays, and holidays shall be charged at the rate of $100.00 pesos per hour. Firewood is for the account of the Tenant.

NEITHER THE PREMISES, NOR ANY PORTION OF THEM MAY BE SUBLET BY TENANT TO ANY PERSON WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF AGENT. Any complaints which Tenant may have concerning the Premises shall be directed to the Agent during their regular working hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 PM, and only if there is an emergency after hours or on the weekends. Tenant shall use the Premises solely for tenantial purposes. The Premises shall not be occupied by more than (4 persons) The number of guests staying over night must not exceed the maximum occupancy that the unit sleeps. If this is exceeded, you will be asked to check out, pay additional charges and/or be subject to a deposit forfeiture. No pets allowed. Holding Over: The tenant shall be subject to a daily holdover charge of not less than two (2) times the prorated daily rate per this lease, plus any adjustments, costs or charges if other Tenants are denied access to premises and other accommodations are required to places said Tenants.

CHECK IN TIME IS AFTER 1:00 PM *** CHECK OUT TIME IS BEFORE 10:00 AM. NO PETS AND NO SMOKING allowed, unless otherwise stated. The number of guests must not exceed the maximum occupancy allowed. If the above policies are not adhered to, you will be asked to check out and all monies will be forfeited. Premier House Rentals of San Miguel, will not be held responsible for acts of theft, vandalism, or other damages to the guests personal property of items left in the house.

You will receive a contract by fax or email. Please sign that you agree to all items and return the lease to our office. If we have not received this signed contract prior to your arrival, you will be asked to sign one upon your arrival.

ARRIVAL INFORMATION: It is necessary that you inform us of your exact arrival times, so that we can arrange your entry into the house. If your arrival is on Saturday or Sunday or after 2pm during week days a tip is required. Cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies will be provide upon arrival. After that, tenant must purchase their own.

Tip for house staff is not included in fare. Please read contract on this matter.

Gas for heating pool is not included - ask upon your arrival for rates.